Wednesday 8 April 2020

A plague be upon us!!!

All good pirates know how fickle a mistress the ocean can be... and right now, the seas of life that we - and by we, I don't just mean the Bullion team, but everyone on this globe of ours - must navigate are possibly the stormiest we have ever faces... we're definitely off the map and into uncharted waters here, lads and lasses!

Of course, we're talking about the menace that was brewing half a world away as we, the crew of the good ship Bullion, were laughing and patting ourselves on the back after a great show in Margate: the world's new foe, the pox known as CORVID-19, or "Coronavirus".

Now ye all might think "but hang on - you're game developers and you were already working in a distributed team, so apart from a bit of extra care, it's business as usual, right?"... oh, if only that were true! Ultimately, we are a part-time team, developing Bullion in spare time around day jobs - and those day jobs have to come first. And, ironically, with those day jobs being at home, for some of us it is actually proving more difficult to carve out time to keep Bullion moving forward...

But our troubles are pretty small fry, when we think of all those people we are mingling with at the Margate show only six weeks ago... complete strangers sitting down less than a foot away from each other to gather round our demo rig and take on Chilli Con Carnage, or see what Kanonbul is like to play - in this new world of social distancing, that would be unthinkable! And then there are our friends at Replay Events, whose livelihood depends on these shows that are now impossible...

... our thoughts are with you all as we navigate these troubled waters. Stay safe, stay home, and keep a weather eye on the horizon - we will survive this storm.

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